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Roof Cleaning

– Exclusive SoftWash Systems low-pressure cleaning – 100% Biodegradable solution
– Safe and gentle cleaning – 40 psi compared to 4000 with a pressure washer!
– Entire roof surface is sprayed with our SoftWash solution, killing mold, algae, mildew and lichen on contact
– Roof surfaces are not rinsed, leaving behind a residual algaecide that keeps roof system cleaner 3-5x longer than with pressure washing
– Plants and property are thoroughly rinsed and protected during the SoftWash treatment

before and after roof cleaning

At Scout SoftWash, we offer roof cleaning services that remove all types of grime and growth from the upper level of structures. The roof on any structure provides protection against the changing climate conditions and harsh elements. But over time, the materials used to construct the roof take a lot of abuse. Moisture on the roof can cause mold and algae growth, which can cause dark patches that don’t look very appealing. Dirt and grime can also settle on the roof, creating a dingy appearance. The presence of these contaminants can impact the energy efficiency and performance of the roof as well.

We’re different from other exterior cleaning companies in a few key ways. The first is our commitment to the needs of our clients. The second is the cleaning method we use, which is gentle and safe for use all types of roofing materials. It’s known as softwashing, and it’s a proven alternative to traditional pressure washing. Applying too much pressure to the roof can cause damage, so we perform softwashing to protect the surface while removing dirt and grime.

You can count on our family-owned company to take care of your home and maintain its appearance. Our technicians always treat your structure with respect when we’re performing roof cleaning. If you have any questions about this service or would like to request a roof cleaning service, contact us today.