Why Siding Softwashing is the Key to Clean Siding

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Your home’s siding serves a couple of main purposes. One purpose is to present a positive impression of your home’s exterior as well as the home overall. The second purpose is to help protect your home from pests, the weather, and anything else that should remain outdoors. Keeping your home’s siding clean helps fulfill both of these purposes, and when it comes to keeping your siding clean, our siding softwashing service is the way to go.

Why Siding Softwashing is the Key to Clean Siding

In the past, many people have relied on power washing to clean their siding, but siding softwashing is a much better technique. Power washing can be harsh on your siding and can even damage it. The intense pressure of the water can cause it to go under the siding, which can cause water damage to your interior walls and wiring.

Siding softwashing is a much better alternative. Rather than using pressure as a cleaning agent, softwashing uses special chemicals to target dirt and grime. This cleaning solution is a much more powerful cleaning tool than pressurized water, so your siding will stay cleaner longer. Plus, the water used to rinse off the cleaning solution is much more controlled and much less pressurized, so you don’t have to worry about it getting into places it shouldn’t be.

Don’t risk damaging your home’s siding with power washing. For cleaner siding without the risk associated with power washing, give us a call here at Scout Softwash and ask us about how our siding softwashing service will benefit your home’s siding.