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Our team has the right experience to keep your skylights looking like new.

Skylights offer a great way to introduce more natural light into your home. Unlike traditional windows, they don’t require you to give up any wall space, and they can also be used even in interior rooms with no access to the exterior walls. Of course, skylights do present some challenges, and one of the most significant of these challenges is keeping them clean. Fortunately, our team at Scout Softwash is here to help you keep your skylights as clean and clear as all your other windows.

Skylights in Carlsbad, California

Our team has extensive experience in the soft washing industry, and we know how to use this method to clean just about anything, including your skylights. Once we are up on your roof, we will apply a specialized cleaning solution to your skylight. The solution is designed to loosen dirt and grime to make them easier to remove, which makes it unnecessary to use intense water pressure to get it off—instead, only a light spray of water is necessary. In addition, our cleaning solution will eliminate all mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants from the skylight, which will produce a more thorough and long-lasting clean. Once the cleaners have had time to work, we will wash off your skylight with gentle water pressure, which will leave it sparkling and clean.

We are proud to serve the Carlsbad, California community, and we want to help you take the best care of your building. If your skylights are looking dingy, simply give us a call to get our cleaning experts on the job.